About The Book - Awakened By You

Skye Darcy is a highly successful workaholic artist, a superstar of the Fantasy & Science Fiction genre she works in. Disowned and kicked out by her wealthy family at the age of 18, she has now at the age of 26 built a multi million dollar fortune from nothing by using her natural business aptitude and instinct. Prefering to concentrate on her work for years she shied away from intimate relationships - until she met Clayton Blake. The attraction is instant as he awakens her inner sex goddess and sense of sexual adventure but at the same time he makes her face a horror from her past. Can she overcome her inner most fears to explore and enjoy the sexual pleasures he promises to take her on.

Clayton Blake, good looking 30 years young, free, single and billionaire. He thought he had it all, a loving supportive family, an abundance of easily available women and an extremely successful business. That was until Skye Darcy walked into his life and everything in his world shifted. His burning lust and passion for her awakwens and ignites emotions and pleasure like he's never experienced before, however it also brings out a horror from her past he is determined to lay to rest. Will his love be strong enough to help Skye conquer her nightmare memories and fears?

Awakened By You follows Skye and Clayton's journey of self discovery, their developing relationship and sexual exploits, come along for the ride and experience it with them.

About The Book – Shattered By You

Five years on, Skye Darcy appears to have it all. A gorgeous loving husband, a hugely successful career and a knack for spotting money spinning business opportunities. Alongside her husband, Clayton Blake, the epitomize the phrase ‘power couple’ – until tragedy strikes.
Still recovering from a shattered broken heart, Skye meets a stranger who unleashes her darkest desires and brings back memories and fears she thought she had conquered. Will this stranger be the one to finally help Skye be free of her past and lay the old demons to rest once and for all?